Born in 1994 in the south of France, Your Shapeless Beauty is composed of long time friends and skilled musicians that will allow the band to be noticed in the french underground scene first, then abroad. The first self titled demotape recorded by the end of 1995 received a very aclaimed welcome and then will be re-released on CD through Adipocere Records by the year 1996. This will be the begining of a long time collaboration between the band and the label, which allows YSB to promote its own musical universe full of different references to various style, without boundaries, in the only purpose « to have true pleasure » in playing music : « Sycamore Grove » (1999), « Terrorisme Spirituel » (2001), « My Swan Song » (2003)… But this won’t prevent YSB from releasing a 7 inches EP through Norwegian Edge Circle Production in 1997, named « Songes en dehors… », that would become mythic years after… During the first ten years the band will know some difficulties because of geographical problems (members living very far from each others) and drummers problems, that will slow down its progression but won’t prevent the band from showing its qualities and determination through its LPs and live gigs everywhere with KALISIA, AD-NUTUM, DARKEN, FILTHY CHARITY, ETERNAL WINTER SEASON, ODDMÖNGERS, FOREST OF SOULS, MISANTHROPE, WINDS