Sycamore Grove (1999)


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  1. Prélude n°3 (instrumental JS Bach)

  2. Le Berceau de l'ange

  3. The awakening (instrumental)

  4. On the wings of the black rain

  5. Equinoctial desires (instrumental)

  6. An orchid in my belfry

  7. Last ember from the past (instrumental)

  8. Goddess of lust

  9. Récital pour une agonie céleste

  10. Deities in the dew

  11. Empyreal dispair

Produced by Adipocere Rcds

All Songs arranged & performed by Your Shapeless Beauty

Recorded & mixed at Nerves Studio (Salon de Provence, France), between May & June 1998

Engineered By Bouillot J-Michel

Backing vocals on "Deities in the dew" by Lord Sandragon / Akhenaton

Layout by Abate J-Marc & Your Shapeless Beauty

Paintings by Barges J-Marc

Photos by (c)1998 Mariet Stéphanie all rignt reserved