With several years of delay, "Phoinike" is still not available! Your Shapeless Beauty yours to apologize for the delay and hope to offer this album as soon as possible.
Meanwhile here

reviews on  Violent Solution "remember" of "Your Shapeless Beauty" and "Sycamore Grove" albums.




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Your Shapeless Beauty will be on stage the  28 April 2012 at the Forum of Laudun l'Ardoise (france).





Here is, on Soundcloud,  5 clips in their final master sound !




Your Shapeless Beauty wish you a happy new year 2012 !


"Phoinike" Solo on "Catarthic Dream" by Mr Cana





Here are audio clips of the next Phoinike on soundcloud.(work still in progress).

edit : links no more available



After one year, Michel and Jean-Marc presents their new video on "Gnothi Sauthon", it's show you how does Your shapeless Beauty  recording is new album "Phoinike".


"Phoinike" Guitars session by J-Marc & Mr Cana




The "Batterie Magasine n°67 Avril/Mai 2010" (french drum magazine), is available in bookstore with on  DVD, the Franky Costanza video in drum session on "Gnothi Sauthon" song.




The first part of the vocals sessions recording took place around March, the 8th.
4 tracks have been recorded, including "Burn Baby, Burn!", "The Heretic Club (Far away...) and "The Delicate Paranoïa of a Starving Spirit".
The vocals recordings will continue all along the weeks to come.



Here is a new video for the "PHOINIKE" Record Session. The keyboards on "Le Rite de Passage" song ! Jean Marc Abate (Keyboards and guitars), show a little moment of composing and recording session for the forthcoming new album "Phoinike".

"Phoinike" Keyboards session by Jean Marc Abate


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For the end of the year 2009 and for Christmas, Your Shapeless Beauty is pleased to present the new vidéo of Franky Costanza in "session drum" for the next "Phoinike" album, on song called "Gnothi Sauthon"

"Phoinike" Drums session by Franky Costanza

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Here we are, ready to announce loudly the begining of the recording sessions of "Phoïnike".
After several months awaiting, we are proud to start the drums recordings on the 17th, 18th and 19th October 2009.
No change concerning the drummer, Francky Costanza (Dagoba, Blazing War Machine) is still on his position!
A studio report section will be on line allowing you to have a close look on this.


Your Shapeless Beauty is pleased to inform that the drum session begin in october (17; 18; 19) with Costanza Franky (Dagoba). After great rehearsal in September, Phoinike begin to see the light !

Studio report with photos and clips will be added to inform the session progress.


news on the site :

View the layout of the band discography  (except LP "Songe en Dehors") :




news on the site :

- the discography page sees the arrival of the next album "Phoinike" (layout and order of titles are yet to be confirmed ),

- the lyrics of all released albums are available on the website (see all albums pages).


Otherwise the band should begin repetitions with the new drummer "Serial Drummer 001" during August to determine the final drums parts and so think about the drums sessions in studio.

In that case, jean-marc and michel should be in charge of the production in their home studio "Pandora Box ".



As you know, Your Shapeless Beauty job about a new album for some time already! Since 2005, in search of a drummer, Thomas (Heavenly) joins training at the beginning of 2007, allowing to the band be promote his next album.

Unfortunately Thomas for reasons which the band understand cannot follow plan and leaves YSB still out of drummer. We are therefore in 2008 and YSB is in contact with a drummer who allows the band to continue the adventure and to see standing out this album.

For occult or superstitious reasons YSB does not for the moment, reveal the identity of the Drummer ...



A new page "Vidéos" is available, one clip of the band in rehearsal.



Here a rehearsal video of the band ! The title The Heretik Club (Far Away) is played by Michel (guitar), Jean-marc (guitar & keyboards) and Thomas (drum). A great safety with our brothers Nicolas and Michel who could not be present (we miss you).



For stage with waiting of this new opus, Your Shapeless Beauty is happy to put on web two MP3 :

"Burn baby, Burn" available on this site,

"The Heretik Club (Far Away...)" available on the official Myspace band page !

These titles are a version beta with electonics drums. A session with Thomas is envisaged in April which will make it possible to pose the final battery parts.



After months of research and work, Your Shapeless Beauty is proud to announce to you the arrival within the band and the station of drummer, of Thomas Das Neves, officiating already in French band HEAVENLY. Welcome with him in the name of all the YSB !